When rodents have turned your home’s attic into their home, and breeding ground it is important to have your attic professionally decontaminated. Rodents can turn your attic into their own littler box. They will leave feces, urine, trash/debris, nesting materials, bacteria and pheromones left behind in your attic even after their removal.This can have serious affect on your health. Our treatment is specifically designed to:

  1. Remove the feces and urine in your attic.
  2. Remove the foul odors from the urine and feces in your attic, as well as the pheromones that attract the animals back to your home.
  3. Eradicate any fleas, mites and insects that the rodents may have carried into your attic. 

In severe cases of attic contamination caused by rodents, the removal of all  contaminated insulation is necessary. In the event that all of your attic insulation must be removed to ensure proper attic decontamination,We will thoroughly clean and decontaminate your home’s attic and then blow-in all new insulation into your attic. Once the insulation has been re-installed, wet will then treat the top layer of new insulation with an animal deterrent product. This will keep the rodents from wanting to nest in your new insulation and contaminate your new insulation.